AUDITS.... A word that in many cases sends shivers of horror up and down the back of many a strong man or woman.
However, that is not the case with NTWi.
We look at audits as being just another tool in the box to help your company be successful and profitable.
The benefits of an audit are;
1. it tells you where to make improvements
2. it catches small problems before they become major financial issues
3. it helps the work force understand the purpose of a QMS

Many of you might have your accreditation with another accreditation company, possibly not in Oman.
Did you know you need an external audit at least once a year?
This is to ensure your ISO QMS is current and up to date, but the external auditor cannot travel to Oman due to Covid 19! Your certificate will tell you when your external audit is due, if its due now, please call or email NTWi and let us do the rest.
We will talk to the accreditation company and arrange your audit, online if necessary.
We can also do you internal audits and teach staff members how to be the internal auditors if you need it.
So stop worrying, and let NTWi take the strain!
Call or email T: +9689118 7396 E: to arrange a chat and an online conference.

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